Types Of Fat Burners And How They Work

types of fat burnersThere are different kinds of fat burners out there all working towards helping you burn the excess fat in your body. Excess fat is problematic and is associated with very many diseases and conditions. It is therefore important to consider losing all the excess fat if especially you are overweight or obese.

You know you are overweight when your body mass index BMI is between 25 to 29.9. If the BMI is above 30, you are obese. In the endeavor to stay fit and healthy many people have considered using fat burners to help in the process of losing weight. Losing weight is simply because of burning all the excess fat in the body.

You could have considered using fat burners but do not know how they work. Here are some categories of fat burners and how they help your body to lose weight.


Thermogenics – these are the most common and the most used kind of fat burners. Thermo means heat. Thermogenic fat burners therefore operate by increasing the body temperature. They attain this by raising the body metabolic rate. This causes the body to use a lot of energy in the process helping it lose weight.

The side effects of these kinds of burners include high or fast heart beats, lack of sleep and high levels of alertness. Also some thermogenic fat burners may contain stimulants like caffeine which do not go well with some people. Check for those without stimulants if you do not want those ingredients.

Appetite Suppressants

Appetite suppressors – this kind of supplements work by suppressing your appetite, as the name suggests. This means that you do not eat much and when you do not eat much, the body results to using the reserve energy in the body. This means that you will be able to burn more. Not much to talk about here on the side effects. The ingredients in this type of supplement can make you go for hours even days without feeling hungry.

Carbohydrate Blockers

Carb blockers – these ones work by depressing the enzymes that digest carbohydrates in the body. Most carbohydrates are what make us fat for example bread, fries and all those many white foods and products. They are the energy giving foods and therefore increase the calories in whenever consumed. When you take carb blockers the carbohydrates you consume will not be digested therefore they will not add to the fat in the body.

Fat blockers – these ones work just like carb blockers by depressing digestion of fats in the body thereby saving you of the excess fat in the body.

Thyroid Regulators

thyroid glandThyroid regulators – the thyroid glands are located below the jaws at the sides of your neck. They produce hormones that keep your body active – by maintaining the body metabolism. When the thyroids are not secreting enough hormones, the body will be inactive causing  storage of fats  in the body. The thyroid regulating burners will stimulate the thyroid gland to produce more hormones helping to keep you active.

If you are going to get fat burners now you know how they are going to effect change in your body. Go for the ones that you feel are going to meet the main cause of your obesity. Also you can consult a physician so that you can be advised on the number of calories that you are supposed to consume in a day and how to eat the right kinds of food.

Relevance of Garcinia Cambogia Supplements

Truth be told, quite a number of people across the globe are actually suffering from problems such as obesity and other weight related conditions. Many of them usually do find themselves in this kind of scenario due to the fact that they are maybe too busy to take care of their selves in terms of exercises, or just being too clumsy and not even take care of the type of food they take. For such people, taking the right food nutrition supplements would be the only way out. Nothing works better than Garcinia cambogia pills.

In this discussion, the point of focus will be on the benefits of this food nutritional supplement to the people. Despite the known fact that they are for weight loss, there are some other benefits that the paper seeks to explore.

One of the benefits is that they are tools of suppressing appetite. Many of the people will gain extra pounds basically due to their poor eating habits, where they eat too much food quite frequently. For those ones who get the urge to eat too frequently, garcinia cambogia food supplement will work the trick for you.

The garcinia cambogia extract is also known to control certain cravings. Taking of diets which have high levels of carbohydrates and sucrose will certainly increase your weight. Consumption of these food supplements will suppress to a large extent the cravings for these foods-carbohydrates and sugars.

People who use this food supplement will find themselves generating lots of energy in their bodies. This in turn will lead to more secretion of the serotonin and as such one will sleep even much better. This is just what one needs for relaxing.

This supplement is very much capable of making a strong immune system. It protects one against some infections like influenza.

If one continuously takes this weight loss supplement, they will have fewer problems associated with acidity. All in all, using this product on a regular will guarantee you some good benefits in the end. Before you decide to include these pills in your day to day activities, it is quite important that you consider certain necessary facts. One of these is for the person to consult a doctor before using these products.

source of garcinia extract supplementIt is important to consult a doctor so as to know whether the best garcinia extract pills will be suitable to you as a person or not, especially since they are usually available in pills, which might have gone through other chemical processes. Despite the fact that the drug may be used by all, there are usually some cases of exceptions.  This is in fact one of the reasons why people need to check with the doctors so as to confirm whether they are allowed to use the pills or not. Closely knitted to this is the whole idea of dosage. One needs to know how exactly it is they are supposed to take the pills so as to avoid abusing the drug.

Facts About Leptiburn Ingredients


Leptiburn is the brand name given to a dietary supplement consisting of six natural herbal extracts. There is sufficient evidence that this concoction, aids the body produce more Leptin, the most critical fat-burning hormone.

The Leptiburn ingredients sourced from different parts of the world. The six Leptiburn ingredients are extracts from the following:

  1. Lamina japonica or Brown Seaweed
  2. Irvingia Gabonensis fruit
  3. Green Tea
  4. Yerbe Mate
  5. Panax Notoginseng
  6. Olive tree leaves

Brown Seaweed (Lamina japonica) Extracts

Also known as Wakame, Brown Kelp or Undaria pinnatifida, the brown sea weed is a slippery textured sea frond with a mild sweet flavor, native of Asia and Iceland. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Zinc and Magnesium. The leaves, once cut, dried and salted, can be used in cooking or in salads. Brown sea weed extract have several health benefits including activity against abdominal fat, diabetes, heart diseases, high cholesterol or Hyperlipidemia, hypertension and other infections like herpes. Its effect on different types of body fats is the main reason Brown Sea weed extracts form components of Leptiburn.

The African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis) Seed Extracts

This is a wild growing tree native of West Africa, mainly Cameroon and Gabon. Its other names include African mango, wild mango, or bush mango. The natives call it “Ogbono” or “dika.” The fruit/seed extracts, taken as food supplement is known to impart significant weight improvement by suppressing appetite.

Green Tea (Camelia sinonsis) Leaf Extracts

Chinese and Japanese, known to be among the healthiest and longest living human beings, have been taking green tea for centuries. The green tea leaf extracts have confirmed strong antioxidant activity against cholesterol resulting in significantly desired weight loss. It can act as a tonic alleviating pain among patients suffering arthritis. It is also suspected to prevent cancer and enhance longevity.

Yerbe Mate(Ilex paraguariensis) Extracts

This wild growing traditional South American shrub, also known as Yerba mate, erva mate, mate, or mate, is a popular beverage in many parts of the world. It has known healing and therapeutic powers, being used as a common component of soft drinks and food supplements.  Yerba mate is rich in vitamins and minerals, among them Riboflavin(B2), Thiamine (B1), Vitamin C Carotene Theophylline, Theobromine, Trigelline. Modern research has confirmed 14 medical benefits associated with Yerba Mate making it one of the most useful ingredient.

Panax notoginseng

This is a Chinese herb famously known as Tienchi ginseng, used for centuries to combat several conditions including excessive bleeding. The main active component, PNS or Panax notoginseng saponins, is contained in the stem, leaf, and roots. It has long established anti-inflammatory, anti-hemorrhagic, and circulatory system stimulant effects. Caution should be taken to avoid the extracts during pregnancy. Its incorporation as part of Leptiburn supplement is deliberate and strategic.

The Olive Leaf Extracts

Traditionally, the olive tree has been known to have general therapeutic effects. Scientists have since confirmed this to be due to oleuropein, an active ingredient with healing and body nourishing properties. Apart from its strong anti-oxidant effects, which slow down synthesis of undesirable cholesterol, oleuropein has also shown activity against viral, bacteril, fungal and parasitic infections. The Olive leaf extracts, taken raw or on its own may have some mild negative side effects. As part of ingredients, the effects are enhanced synergistically and side effects greatly suppressed.

In Leptiburn, you have six of the best health gifts from nature. Appropriate use of the genuine the Leptiburn product will confer the desired weight loss benefits.